ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


The review cycle is the process of obtaining feedback from a client's internal stakeholders, who review the translations with the goal of verifying quality by validating compliance with regulatory standards and industry-specific terminology. We know that not every client has overseas offices or native speakers on staff, but whenever practical, we encourage our clients to include a review cycle. The advantages to both the client and ParlExperts are incalculable. For the client, involving their end-users of translations in the process can help smooth adoption by giving them a voice. For ParlExperts, the insight end-users can give on local market terminology and their own stylistic preferences helps us deliver better translations. We can help clients manage the review cycle by preparing the material for in-country reviewers. We will provide clear instructions on how to review translations, and develop a detailed plan to manage and obtain constructive editorial comments that can be efficiently implemented.


Once we get comments back from the reviewers, ParlExperts editors will review and respond with questions or recommendations. Sometimes feedback from different parties can be contradictory or confusing, so it is vital to have everyone in agreement. Once all questions or concerns are resolved, ParlExperts will implement changes and finalize files for delivery to the client.


At our end, however, the review cycle doesn't end there. To make sure that this feedback is reflected in future projects, we update terminology databases, translation memories, and style guides. This is part of our continuous quality-improvement cycle to ensure future translations will be of the highest possible quality.

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