ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


In a field with stringent regulatory requirements and high risk of liability, Life Sciences companies know that maintaining consistency and accuracy in their documentation is vitally important to the health and safety of patients worldwide. Manufacturers of medical devices, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals face special concerns when distributing information in any language. This is why they turn to ParlExperts as their translation partner. They know our linguistically centered approach results in accurate and clear communications.


To help you get to market quicker, we offer back translations for legal compliance. To complement the quality-verification process, we offer certificates of accuracy, multilingual desktop publishing, website localization, and multimedia services.


Medical Device Translation
ParlExperts has many years of experience working with medical device manufacturers. This experience includes working on documentation intended for physicians, patients, sales departments, and government regulators, ensuring the right language is used for each. Our expert team of medical linguists knows how to help you meet the regulatory requirements for each country so your documentation can be used with confidence.


Pharmaceutical Translations
The pharmaceutical industry has its own special requirements. Clinical trials are now conducted globally in developed and developing countries. ParlExperts has the experience to help pharmaceutical companies through the complexities of preparing foreign-language versions of forms and protocols, as well as translating responses for data compilation and consumer marketing.


Representative types of documents translated: 
•    Instructions/directions for use 
•    Marketing collateral 
•    Labels and package inserts 
•    Material safety data sheets 
•    Patents 
•    Research materials
•    Clinical study protocols
•    Standard operating procedures
•    Training documentation
•    Patient consent forms


See our Case Studies section for examples of our work.


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