ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


With ParlExperts, you get the polished results that will speak directly to your target audience. 

Translating multimedia assets involving spoken content or on-screen text can be challenging, especially when you are faced with it for the first time. ParlExperts has the right professional resources to guide you through the process. Whether you need professional voice-over services or subtitles, we can help you determine the best approach for your specific project.


Foreign-language audio-visual adaptation is a complex process that requires the coordination of multiple aspects: script translation, timing to picture, talent casting, professional voice-over talent, sound engineers, recording facilities, and bilingual supervision during post-production to seamlessly integrate all the elements into a first-class finished product. When each of these steps is managed by the right blend of professionals, you get the polished results that will speak directly to your target audience.


ParlExperts offers post-production services at the most prestigious studios worldwide. To allow for flexible response times and expeditious file delivery, we work closely with professional recording studios in New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, UK, Germany, Poland, Spain, Japan, and China.


Talent and bilingual director/supervisor services are also available to clients at their own studio or preferred post-production venue. We can also provide talent casting for voice-over recordings and on-camera shoots, music selection and sound effects for radio and TV spots, documentaries, and corporate training programs.


ParlExperts has extensive experience in translating scripts, timing translated content to visuals, subtitling, and cultural adaptation of multimedia projects and training programs.


Voice-over applications:
Radio spots
TV commercials
Public service announcements
Business presentations 
Corporate videos 
Educational and training videos
e-Learning courseware
Web and kiosk applications
On-hold messaging
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Video and computer games
PowerPoint presentations
Audio libraries


Click on links to view samples: 
•    Radio spots 
•    TV commercials 
•    Public service announcements (PSAs) 
•    Educational and documentary videos 
•    E-learning courseware 
•    Corporate image videos


ParlExperts recruits the best professional foreign-language voice-over talent experienced in performing voice-overs for documentaries, television commercials, or corporate training videos. Our talents are native-speaking voice-over actors who have the experience to adapt your message in a range of styles:

•    Commercials
•    Narration for training and documentaries
•    Lip synchronization


Visit ParlExperts's Voice Talent page to sample audio recordings of different voices in many languages. Please contact us if you have a special request, such as a particular accent or on-camera talent.


Our sound engineers and technicians are familiar with the challenges of working with foreign-language talent and scripts. They are highly experienced in foreign-language post-production, and work with state-of-the-art software and equipment to ensure perfect timing and the highest quality voice-over production values. 


Post-production services include:
•    Voice-over recording
•    Post-digital editing
•    Video-editing
•    Interactive services
•    DVD publishing 


We can deliver your final files in any of the most popular media formats you require, from DAT, audio or data CD, Betacam SP, DVCam to HDCam and DigiBeta. Audio files can be delivered via e-mail or uploaded to our FTP server.


When it comes to adding foreign-language subtitles to video, ParlExperts has unsurpassed experience. We have subtitled thousands of training programs, commercials and documentaries in many languages.


Most of us are familiar with subtitles in foreign films and television programs, usually displayed in the lower third of the screen as a written translation of a dialogue in a foreign language, or as closed-captioned text in the same language with additional information intended to help deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.


The subtitling process in foreign languages requires specialized linguists adept at rewording content to match the length of the translation with the source language script to accurately capture its meaning while simultaneously respecting the timing and flow of the original.


We can deliver a finished subtitled product ready for publishing or duplication, or generate subtitles in a file compatible with Final Cut Pro or any other editing program.  

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