ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


After completing the review cycle, all files go through a final quality-control check before we deliver our product to the client. Files can be delivered in a variety of formats. Generally, this would be the native file format, for example Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign, but it can also be in PDF format ready for printing or posting to the web. Files can also be delivered through different methods, including email, secure FTP, CD/DVD media, etc.


Following the delivery of files and confirmation of their receipt, we like to schedule a post-project debriefing with our clients. An in-person meeting or conference call allows us to ask if there was anything the client feels could have gone more smoothly. We feel this is a valuable feedback mechanism that allows us to improve our service, especially with new clients. Only once we are confident that our client is 100% satisfied with our service do we issue the invoice for the work.


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