ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


ParlExperts' project managers are specially trained in the efficient oversight of translation projects and in process methodologies. All our project managers are fluent in more than one language, meaning that they have both a solid grounding in linguistics and project-management techniques. We combine these skills with an emphasis on customer service to facilitate clear and open communication with our clients.


Every project begins with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and objectives to form a set of project specifications. Using the client's specifications, the project manager arrives at a project life cycle plan.This involves identifying key objectives and deciding what resources are needed to achieve them. The project manager breaks down the project into stages and then assigns individuals to each task and sets the schedule for completion of each stage of the project. A carefully thought-through plan will allow for the efficient completion of the project and will also accommodate the need for any readjustment in terms of time, people, or budget. The plan also needs to allow for scalability should the client's requirements change or expand.


During the life cycle of the project, project managers oversee adherence to schedules and quality checkpoints. They manage all members of the team and answer questions and resolve issues during production. At the completion of the project, the project manager is responsible for final sign-off and delivery to the client.


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