ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


ParlExperts offers clients a choice of consecutive or simultaneous interpreting.

Interpreting services facilitate verbal communication between audiences from different countries and cultural backgrounds. Simultaneous interpreting services and interpreting equipment are requested for conferences, meetings, training seminars, trade shows and legal proceedings.


ParlExperts offers conference interpretation services and state-of-the-art interpreting equipment in the United States and overseas. Languages most frequently requested by our clients are:  Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Polish, and Portuguese.


Our interpreters are experts in the subtleties of verbal communication and business etiquette. They master special note-taking and memory-enhancing techniques that allow them to translate long passages faithfully and accurately into their native language. They average from five to more than 25 years of experience in the international business arena, from North to South America, from Europe to Asia.


Consecutive Interpreting: Ideal for face-to-face meetings, consecutive refers to the interpretation style where an interpreter acts as an interlocutor between two individuals. The interpreter listens to one speaker and then renders the message in another language. This style of interpreting allows for more intimate conversation for individuals and small groups. We provide consecutive interpreters for contract negotiations, face-to-face business meetings,  and out-of-court testimony. For legal interpreting assignments, such as depositions, we can supply court-certified interpreters.


Escort Interpreting: This is the service of choice for clients who attend trade shows, perform industrial inspections, tour factories, or participate in diplomatic or trade missions. Escort interpreters are trained to facilitate communication and exchange of information in a variety of settings and business scenarios.


Simultaneous Interpreting: Also known as UN-style interpreting, simultaneous interpreting is used for the delivery of large amounts of information when time is limited and there are several speakers, as in the case of a medical conference. Simultaneous interpreters verbally translate a presenter's ideas as they are spoken while the audience follows the presentation through digital headsets.  They work in sound-proof booths to block out noise and external disruptions. Because they must work at the presenter's normal delivery pace, simultaneous interpreters work in pairs and take turns working 20 minutes each. This is an ideal solution for large meetings, such as conferences, trade shows and training seminars, or audio-visual media events.


Interpreting Equipment: In addition to interpreters for simultaneous interpreting assignments, ParlExperts can also arrange for interpreting equipment, on-site coordination supervision, and technical support for conventions and large corporate meetings.


Equipment includes:

  • Full-size, soundproof interpreter booths
  • Tabletop booths
  • Wireless receivers and headphones (using FM radio frequencies or infrared signals)
  • Hand-held wireless microphones and tabletop microphones
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