ParlExperts is a full-service, process-driven language service provider led by linguists.


It matters who’s playing.

At ParlExperts we think of ourselves as  conducting a symphony. It takes highly-trained musicians and a skillful conductor who can lead, coordinate, and interpret all at the same time for music to sound exceptional.  With your content as score, our world-class linguists create artful translations true to your vision and your brand. We call it the Magic of Wow.


Originally founded as Magnum Group, for our 20th anniversary we introduced ParlExperts to bring to the forefront the linguistic focus that is the core of our business.  From the start, we've been led by seasoned industry professionals with a solid grounding in linguistics. Our years of experience and over 2500 translators and subject-matter experts around the globe make us a stable and reliable partner.


We invite you to hear us play the sound of Your Voice Across Cultures.



ParlExperts is a full-service multilingual communications company. ParlExperts services include: translation and localization of marketing materials, websites and business documents, multilingual desktop publishing, and foreign-language voice-over services for multimedia content. We can handle medium to large projects in any language and any file format and provide an end-to-end solution by centralizing all your language-related needs.
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