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The following case studies are examples of the kinds of innovative solutions we have engineered for our clients:


Public Health Educational Materials

A hospital launched a website offering child car-seat safety information to help lessen child mortality in car accidents. Visitors find a comprehensive collection of information on all aspects of child-passenger safety. The site offers age-specific videos on choosing and installing child safety seats, the latest research, laws in different states, air bags, recommendations for choosing a safe family vehicle, and a glossary of terms. All of these resources work together to help parents to find the correct car seats for children based on their age and size.

ParlExperts engaged to extend the site's reach to Spanish speakers. ParlExperts translated and localized the site for the Spanish-speaking audience, thus affording those visitors the same experience as that available to the English-speaking audience. As the project evolved, the company was further involved in the translation of disclaimers, marketing materials, and updates to the website. 

With the site now successfully reaching and resonating within both the English- and the Spanish-speaking populations, the hospital has made that much more headway in its drive to advance the safety of children in the United States and around the globe.

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Multimedia Presentations for Continuing Medical Education 

A top ophthalmological teaching hospital had numerous and repeated requests from clinicians around the world to provide continuing medical education (CME). The hospital also had other unique needs in regard to the creation of an online CME vehicle. During the course of the school year, hospital instructors present to students regarding cases they see each week. The client wanted to record and easily convert these presentations to courseware that could be offered on the CME website. Additionally, they wanted to be sure that each part of the process was streamlined such that very few people would be required to administer all the moving parts.

Beginning with the production process, the hospital now easily captures presentations meant for CME. The high quality presentations captured include audio and video of the speaker, PowerPoint slides and any video contained in them, and audio and video of audience questions and comments.

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Pharmaceutical Marketing Solutions 

A pharmaceutical company had a growing presence outside the US with global manufacturing sites and a growing number of global clients. As part of the company’s global expansion strategy and to support the company’s growth, it was decided to translate materials related to HR (compliance as a global employer), marketing (global market expansion), and PR/Communications (local community involvement, outreach).

ParlExperts became the preferred provider of translation services. We have translated the company’s global website, employee manuals, brochures, highly‐technical datasheets, product catalogs, Code of Business Conduct, newsletter, and employee surveys from English into the company's eleven official languages. ParlExperts became an extension of their communications department. This model allows for faster response times, helps maintain consistency across documentation in multiple languages, and provides an efficient solution for multilingual file management.

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Pharmaceuticals Training Materials 

A pharmaceuticals company was in the process of hiring a local sales teams to introduce a new drug in Italy, Germany and France. Their elaborate and highly technical training materials were only available in English.

ParlExperts translated five training modules into Italian, German, and French on an accelerated delivery schedule. ParlExperts engaged a team of translators, medical editors and doctors, who worked hand in hand with the client’s in‐country reviewers. Translating all the materials into three languages at the same time minimized project-management costs and sped up file delivery. By accessing three new markets, the client’s ROI on the drug increased exponentially.

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eLearning Courses for an NGO

A global consortium of NGOs created a program to share learning resources and experiences with agencies in developing countries. The eLearning courses these agencies provide are destined to help their staff learn important skills and help them do their jobs even better, thereby increasing the impact of their programs.

ParlExperts translated the project-management training courses into French, Spanish, and Portuguese for use in Africa, Haiti, and South America. ParlExperts was able to leverage previous translations to significantly reduce the NGOs' translation costs and increase their ROI.

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Industrial Safety Training Materials 

An industrial company relied heavily upon contractors and their employees to provide services to many of their facilities. The company had a responsibility to inform the contractors of the potential hazards along with the rules and procedures to follow while performing work at their facilities. A large percentage of these contractors are native Spanish speakers.

The Contractor Safety Orientation (CSO) was created as an interactive, web-based solution. ParlExperts translated the program into Spanish to ensure that each trainee could concentrate on understanding the content rather than struggling to understand the language. By implementing the online Contractor Safety Orientation, the company has literally saved lives and significantly decreased the number of incidents at the facilities using the program.

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Cultural Consulting 

This client is a full‐service consulting firm specializing in building human capability across functional, global and cultural boundaries. The company is structured as an international network of partner companies that support local clients by providing global access and consultancy services. The ongoing expansion of the client’s global partnership network led the client to implement a content management system (CMS) to manage an online questionnaire. The client noticed that when users whose native language is not English completed the English questionnaire, the results were potentially inaccurate and reduced comparability of the overall data.

The client approached ParlExperts to translate the English questionnaire into nine languages. ParlExperts provided a turnkey solution and delivered high‐quality, culturally sensitive, and technically accurate translations, which are now used and reused by the client and its global partners.

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